John Lee has now left his post as Rector of St Paul’s. He says: “For some time now I have been seeking to respond to a growing call in my ministry towards helping to develop leaders. You may know that the Diocese of York is launching a new initiative aimed at reaching people in their 20s to 40s; part of this initiative consists of a team of pioneer leaders who will be aiming to establish some new expressions of Christian community around the diocese. I have been appointed to lead this team and I’ll be encouraging and supporting them and helping to develop their leadership.”

On leaving St Paul’s, John says: “I hope you can imagine that I do this with mixed feelings. I am excited at the prospect of my new role but it is painful to leave a church which our family have loved being part of for the past seventeen years. I have felt fortunate to minister within a community that has been warm and generous and has also been willing to innovate and to embrace change in the service of God’s mission to Holgate. For me St. Paul’s has been a place in which to live the adventure of being a disciple of Jesus and I have learned so much from our life together.”

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