St Paul’s Church affirms that Christian mission includes caring for God’s earth and all Creation. We know that human activity has contributed to the degradation of the earth and that this is not the will of God.

Therefore, we subscribe to the Anglican Consultative Council’s Fifth Mark of Mission which encourages us “to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and to sustain the life of the earth”. We commit therefore to putting right, with others, the relationships within God’s creation that have gone wrong.

This commitment will be achieved using the Eco Church model as developed by A Rocha.

An Environmental Working Group (EWG) will lead the project, five members of which will each take responsibility for a key area of church life, encouraging church members and the wider community to become involved.

The key areas of church life are as follows:

-Worship and teaching

-Management of church buildings

-Management of church land

-Community and global engagement


EWG Members: